June 11-- Monday afternoon at Vidalia High School, Lady Indians Basketball Head Coach Matt Huddleston announced to the team that he was leaving the school after one year and would be taking a position as an Assistant Coach with a Division I College.Coach Huddleston asked that the school that he is headed to not be announced until all of the terms are official.

6 11 18 Brad ThompsonPrincipal John Sharpe introduced Brad Thompson (Left) as the Interim Head Coach for the Lady Indians next season. Coach Thompson has been an Assistant Coach for both the Lady Indians and Indians basketball teams in the past under Coach Chunk Reid and Coach Tommy Dalley. Coach Thompson will continue to be the Head Coach of the Lady Indians Softball team.

"I am truly very thankful that Dr. Wilcox, Mr. Sharpe and Coach Reid all trust in my abilities enough to ask me to step in and take this team. I have witnessed with my own eyes these girls get better as the season moved on last year. I appreciate the commitment and impact that Coach Huddleston had on this team during his brief time here for the girls. I know from my own experience in softball that it is a challenge replacing not only seniors, but seniors with a lot of athleticism and in game experience and that is what he tried to come in and do. My desire to be successful is not for myself, but for the greater good for the students at Vidalia High School. Obviously breaking Coach Reid's win reord is an unattainable goal, I don't know if I will live that long, but however carry on the legacy that he left impacting young kids lives and showing them that enthusiasm and hard work is the key and is not unattainable and it will be implemented the first time we meet as a unit. How lucky am I to have a mentor who is a Hall of Famer and another mentor in Tommy Dalley who going to be a future Hall of Famer to bounce ideas off of. Once again it is a great day to be a Vidalia Indian." Thompson said. 

"We are excited for the opportunities for Coach Thompson, he has such a heart for our school and students. he understands what it takes to win and get the most out of his athletes in what he has done on the softball field. He has had a lot of experience working with Coach Reid for three years and seven years with Coach Dalley before going full time in softball. I fully think he will be successful. I want to thank Coach Huddleston for what he has done. One of the things about hiring good people they are going to have other opportunities. We appreciate the work ethic that he instilled and the individual player development that he began with the players and I am sure Coach Thompson will continue that and we are going to see a great product on the court this season."  Sharpe stated.

Coach Huddleston said, "I think at the end of the day the opportunity that has been made to me was made possible by the time I spent here in Vidalia. It also reminded me of how much I love coaching and it is a big part of my life in developing and helping young people by being on the basketball floor with them. This choice allows me to use more of that which I think is probably my greatest skill. I couldn't be more excited and couldn't be more thankful to Mr. Sharpe, Dr. Wilcox and all the people that have been so supportive of me in coming here and also in this decision. I hope to continue these relationships even after I have moved."


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