June 6-- D.R. Meadows is a National Champion. Meadows, a former Toombs County High School Bulldog, who graduated just last year has won the Junior College World Series with his Chipola (FL) College Indians. The Indians were the defending National Champions and went out to Grand Junction, CO, where they beat the #1 team in the nation, Walters State, in the Championship Game to win the title.

“I didn’t get to play much during the regular season as a freshman and during the state tournament in the championship game one of our players got hurt and I did all I could for the team and I had a pretty good day. It was questionable whether I was going to get to start in the national tournament, I got that opportunity and I just rolled with it.”

Meadows who started for the Indians in left field throughout the World Series, made some big contributions in that Championship Game, including an outstanding catch from flat on his back after he lost his footing chasing down a line drive. The announcers for the game lauded Meadows for his catch, and it even had some votes to make the ESPN Sports Center Top 10.

“It was a little wet in the outfield and I saw the ball off of the bat and then I lost it in the lights, I started running a little bit harder and once I saw it I stopped on the spot and my legs came out from under me. I just looked for the ball and it came down towards me. It got everybody pumped up and we just took that momentum and ran with it” Meadows said.

To get to the Championship Game the Indians started off with a loss to the #1 ranked team in the nation, Walters State. They bounced back with wins over Barton Community College and then Temple College.

Who should Chipola meet in the National Championship Game, but Walters State. The two teams had already met twice in the World Series, and this third time would be the deciding one, with the winner being crowned the National Champions.

Meadows said, "It was an incredible experience to play in front of around 11,000 people in Grand Junction, not many people get to experience that. I know Nate MacBride got that experience his freshman year and that has got to be special to him as well. I finally got my chance heading into the World Series and was able to keep things going and keep my spot. Knowing that I was able to contribute to my team and to our Championship is a great feeling.”

(Ray Meadows (Father) and D.R. Meadows After National Championship Game) 6 6 18 Meadows Champ

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