June 4-- The Georgia Dugout Club held their annual awards banquet for the top high school baseball players in the state Friday night at the Rumford Center on the campus of the Methodist Children's Home in Macon. The Georgia Dugout Club also honored two local baseball announcers, Lynn Moore of Vidalia Communications and Barney Bonfield for their years of service in promoting the game of high school baseball. Both were given the “Outstanding Broadcaster Award.” Moore has been broadcasting games for Vidalia High School for 24 years. Bonfield has been broadcasting games for 17 years for the Toombs County Bulldogs.

Moore said, "First let me say that I hope Barney comes back healthy and returns as the Toombs County baseball announcer. Back in 1995 when I started I want to thank Coach Greg James for accepting me and making me a part of his team. I graduated from Vidalia High School in 1964, went off to the Marine Corps and served in Vietnam, but to be able to come back home and help broadcast baseball, football, softball and some basketball for Vidalia has been fantastic. I want to thank my wife Carrie, Zack Fowler and Vidalia Communications and also Vidalia High School. I am appreciative and humbled it just means the world to me."

(L-R) Lynn Moore, Zack Fowler,Greg James6 4 18 Lynn Moore

"It is great to be the one to present Lynn the plaque. He has done a great job since 1995 and I am glad he is getting credit for all of the time he puts in. He loves Vidalia and the Vidalia Indians. It is a great night for Lynn and Vidalia Communications." Coach Greg James said.

"Since I was eight years old I started calling Barney on his show and ever since then I would go to all the games and watch and listen to him. I never knew that what I was doing then that one day I would get the opportunity to use it filling in for him." Bryce Braddy stated.

(Below) Bryce Braddy and Lynn Moore 6 4 18 Brice Braddy

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