May 30-- Congratulations to Vidalia High School for winning the Region 2AA All-Activities Trophy. This award is given based on region finishes in by all athletic programs along with one-act play and literary. The Indians have won the award eight of of the last nine years.

VHS earned a winning total of 47 points with Jeff Davis coming in second place with 38 points. Benedictine was third with 31 points and St. Vincent's was fourth with 29 points. Vidalia won the Region Championship in one-act play and literary.

"We had another good year across the board.It wasn't quite as decisive as it has been, but we still won by a good margin. We have been very pleased with all of our again this year. There are a lot of factors involved starting with our students and athletes, also our faculty, our coaching staff, which I say is as good as any in high school athletics. Our administration and board of education who always give us a great deal of support." VHS Athletic Director Coach Chunk Reid said.

5 29 18 VHS Coaches 2018(L-R) Front: Coach Chunk Reid, (Second Row) Julie Spivey, Ann Michele Toole, Chad Barker, Bobby Blount, Steve Fullam, Kristen Champion, Sissy Anderson, Mandy Godbee. (Third Row) Missy Owens, Chris Carr, Rhett Carter, Brent Korn, Ben Beck, Samantha Martin, Wade McLeod. (Fourth Row) Brad Thompson, Jay Cravey, Chris Hamilton, Matt Huddleston, Sandi Callaway, William Harn. (Fifth Row) Jeff Bowen, Tommy Dalley, Grady Hart, James Ferry, Josh Harrell. (Back Row) David McLeod, Chris Carroll and Mack Ruff.

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