May 8-- The GCAA Softball coaches selected their All-Region teams, along with selecting the Player of the Year, Coach of the Year for 2018 season. Congratulations to former VHS Lady Indian Destiney McRae for being selected to the team as a freshman. 


Logan Mullis – South Georgia State College

GCAA Coach of the Year

Ashley Bunn - GMC

Infield – First Team                            Infield – Second Team

Logan Mullis – SGSC                           Hannah Rae Griffin – GSC

Lauren King – GMC                             Shayla Smith – GHC

Alia Booth – GHC                                Taylor Long – EGSC

Natalie Johnson – GMC                       Carly Rigsbee – GMC

Hunter Lee – GSC                               Taylor Corbett - ABAC

Outfield – First Team                          Outfield – Second Team

TaNiya Moye - EGSC                           Sierrah Gani - GHC

McKenzy McFarland – GHC                  Mya Adams – GHC

Lauren DeLoach – GSC                        Destiney McRae – SGSC

Tess Robinson – SGSC                        Breanca Davis - EGSC

Pitchers – First Team                          Pitchers – Second Team

Sarah Middleton – GMC                       Micayla McCoy – GHC

Madelyn Green – GSC                          Samantha Davis – ABAC

Larran Carter – SGSC                           Mackensie Poynter - GMC

Catchers – First Team                         Catchers – Second Team

Hannah Coulter – GSC                         Libbi Lance – EGSC

Sally Fairbank – GHC                           Katelynn Simpson - Andrew


DP/UT – First Team                            DP/UT – Second Team

Cathleen Nugue - GMC                         Kindell Reeves - GHC

(Courtesy of GCAA)

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