March 12-- The Vidalia Heritage Academy Middle and High School Teams closed out their season on Saturday with junior Elliot Sammons winning the GICAA Individual State Championship at Georgia Southern University. The High School Team finished 3rd in the state with the Middle School Team finishing second. The Middle School Team had already posted a strong showing earlier in the month at the NASP State Tournament in Perry finishing 6th in the state.

First year head coach Shae Beacham has been thrilled at the team’s progress throughout the year. “The NASP which is made up of public and private schools has greatly reduced the number of district and regional tournaments which made the state competition even stronger. The GICAA, which only allows private schools has a different scoring format in their tournaments, only taking the scores of the top 6 individuals on a team as opposed to the NASP which scores your team’s top 12. It makes a huge difference.” She also added how proud she is of Elliot Sammons, “He actually took the SAT that morning and then rushed over to shoot at 2:00 pm, then left for his job at Chick-Fil-A. He didn’t find out he was the state champion until he got home from work that night.” 

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