October 26—Congratulations to the VHS Indians Boys and Girls Cross Country teams for finishing in fourth place at the Region 2AA Cross Country Meet Wednesday at Jeff Davis High School. The top four teams from the region qualify for the GHSA AA State Meet on November 4th in Carrolton. 10 26 17 VHS Cross Country Region


Cole Register-18:48

Markell Parrish-19:13

Hunter Hammock-19:16

Chason Brogdon-19:26

Malik Lee-19:41

Mielon Parrish-19:53

Cory Braddy-20:44


Courtney Madison-25:47

Jakerra McRae-25:54

Chantell Simpkins-26:02

Haliegh Moses-28:23

Natalie Owens-28:32

Sydnee Coggins-31:49

Felicity Day-32:13

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