7 20 17 VHS 7 on 7The Vidalia High School Football team held their annual 7 on 7 Camp last Thursday and Friday at Buck Cravey Field with eighteen teams from the area attending. The teams get a lot of reps and work on aspects of the offense and defense.

Coach Jeff Kaiser of Statesboro High said, “I have brought a team over here every year Coach Chomskis has had the camp. It is a great opportunity to come, get a lot of work in, but the best thing about the camp is the message. I also love the format of the camp, no scoring, able to stop and coach the kids up in the middle of games it just isn’t like anything else. This is just quality work.”

“We also get to come to the First Baptist Church and it is outstanding. Any opportunity you get to expose these kids to the good Lord is more important than what we are doing on the field. We are always looking for an opportunity to help our kids to become better men, and this is a great opportunity to do that.” Kaiser said.

Coach Kevin Banks of Lincoln County said, “Lee and I have a good relationship, and he is the main reason why we brought our guys down here. It was a long way here, but this camp is top notch. We can stop and coach during the games and you can’t do that anywhere else, it is a great format for coaching. We also love the fact that Lee incorporates the FCA and brings a message to the kids. Some of them don’t get to go to church on Sunday, so this is a great way for them to hear about Christ.”

“First off we couldn’t have this camp without Ameris Bank and their donation every year. That allows us to be able to feed these kids and do the things we do here for them. We also have to thank Chick-Fil-A for providing the food and First Baptist Church for letting us use their facilities. This is a community effort and that is what it takes to be first class. We are excited that all of these schools have chosen to come over and participate. We like our format and we like what we do, trying to make this a Christ centered day, praying after each game and then coming here and giving a message each day during lunch.” VHS Head Coach Lee Chomskis stated.

Ameris Bank’s Jake Cleghorn said, “For us this has been a tradition and we love giving back to the community. We love coupling our resources together and doing the Lord’s will at the same time. This is a great fit for who we are and what we are about at Ameris Bank.”

Below:(L-R) Jake Cleghorn and Coach Lee Chomkis.

7 20 17 VHS Football Camp Check

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