May 3--  A former Vidalia Indian athlete came home this week to help open the annual Olympic Spring Games at J.R. Trippe Middle School.

Dillon Collins is a 2010 graduate of Vidalia High School where he played football, baseball and basketball.  He now works for the Atlanta Hawks.

skyshow"Me and a couple of my co-workers wanted to come down here and put on a little dunk show for the kids and show them what we do during the games and just entertain them to help kickoff the Olympic Games this week," he said.

Dillon does public relations for the Atlanta Hawks and is a member of the "Sky Squad" which entertains Hawks fans during games at Phillips Arena.

"It was real crazy to walk into the arena on the court and see 20,000 people.  You know the who population of Vidalia could fit in there twice, but it's real humbling and it's a blessing for sure," he said.

In addition to working games, Dillon also coaches summer youth teams as part of the Hawks' community outreach.

"Two years ago we pledged to build 25 courts throughout the inner city of Atlanta.  Right now we've done ten or eleven and still have some to do.  We also run summer camps for kids so they can have something to do during the summertime.  It's real nice to see a sporting team out in the community like that," he said.


dillon2Dillon flies as part of a "Sky Squad" performance at the GHSA State Basketball playoffs earlier this year.



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