Dickerson Kindergarten TeachersFront row (l-r): Mindy Sumner, Belinda Warnock, Sonya Allmond, Amanda Morris, Lori Harn, Kristin Windham Back row (l-r): Patricia Goethe, Scott Stephens (JDD Principal), Gayle Corley, Chris Clark, Jamie Ray (Governor's Office of Student Achievement), Brenda McLain (JDD Assistant Principal)August 11-- for the second year in a row, the kindergarten class at JD Dickerson Primary School in Vidalia has been recognized by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement for sending the most students to first grade that are readying on grade level.

Jamie Ray of the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement said, “The kindergarten class at JD Dickerson will be sending 98% of their students to first grade on grade level reading. We don’t have anyone who can come close to that of the schools we serve in the state.”

Principal Scott Stephens said, “This is actually the second year in a row that we are actually the number one GOSA School in the state of Georgia and it’s a tremendous accomplishment for us because it wasn’t always easy. The teachers had to buy in and put in a lot of hard work and effort into it.”

Stephens added, “Its consistent instruction every day, meeting the kids where they are, and making sure that they make the progress that they need to make in order to be able to read. We look at where the kids start the year, we benchmark them, and we also do interventions every single morning for thirty minutes to where whatever needs those kids have, we meet those needs first thing in the morning.”

“You don’t build a strong house without a strong foundation and reading is the same way. We have found that students who learn to read early do much better later on. There is a direct correlation of how well a student reads in the third grade to how well they read in the eleventh grade. If they don’t read well by third grade, odds are they never will read well,” added Stephens.

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