August 9--  Due to safety concerns associated with the eclipse on Monday, August 21, the Vidalia City School System will follow a half-day schedule and dismiss early.  Many of the students that live in the vicinity of J.D. Dickerson Primary and Sally D. Meadows Elementary walk to school with limited side walk access.  The projected darkest portion of the day caused by the eclipse will be at 2:43p.m. which coincides with normal dismissal time at each of these schools.  All of the buses will run on the  half-day schedule as listed below.

Dismissal Times by School


11:35-Van riders and walkers

11:40-Car riders

12:15-Bus dismissal


11:35-Car riders and walkers

11:45-Van riders

12:15-Bus dismissal


11:45-Car riders and Bus dismissal


11:00-Car riders

11:25-Bus dismissal


Robert Toombs Christian Academy

K3-5th graders - 11:30 AM

6th -12th graders - 12:00 Noon

There will be no lunch served, no After School Care, or school activities.  Buses will run leaving the school at 12:15 PM.


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