July 17--  The first round of golf at Hawk's Point Golf Course in Vidalia was played November 28, 2009.  The last round was played Sunday, July 16, 2017.

hawkspointsignThe course closed and will remain closed unless an effort to save it being led by club professional Paul Claxton is successful.

"My goal is to keep a golf course going in this community.  I think it's a vital part of our community and is something everyone needs ever though they may not play golf.  There are a lot of charitable dollars raised for our community at this golf course," he said.

The Sweet Onion Classic is the biggest tournament in Vidalia each year and Classic Chairman Tim Truxel estimates  it has raised more than $4 million in its history for local projects.  The course has also been home to the United Way and Chamber of Commerce tournaments and a myriad of others.

Bill Mitchell with the Toombs County Development Authority says losing the golf course in a town like Vidalia will hurt economic development and jobs. When he shows prospective businesses the community, "They don't come in and say we are going to come because we've got a golf course, but when you show them that facility out there they say 'This is really neat.'  You show them that, the hospital, the new schools and that all fits together including the golf course. Not having a golf course as a region, Vidalia, Lyons and Toombs County, will impact negatively." 

Claxton is a Vidalia native whose play on the PGA Tour has given him an insight on the importance of golf courses to successful communities across the country, "Every business that is looking at our community to come and locate here asks about our hospital, our schools and what kind of recreation do we have.  Having a thriving golf course helps us attract new business," he observed.

A "Save the Golf Course"  public meeting is being held at Hawks Point Thursday night at seven p.m., "I need the whole community to come out to really show its support and show that it cares about what we have.  We have a wonderful facility and it would be a shame for us not to have a golf course in this community," Claxton said.




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