July 14--  Vidalia Police Chief Frank Waits reports the following arrests.

Williams, David - W/M 59 YOA/ 52 Cook Rd Lot #42 Hazlehurst, Ga/ Theft By Shoplifting 1st Offense

Martin, Kenneth Neil- B/M- 58 YOA- 7655 US 1 Lyons, GA- Warrant Served (Gloucester Co SO)

Walker, Jessie Willis- B/M- 44 YOA- 301Wolf St. Dublin, GA- Theft by Shoplifting 1st Offense

Brisco, Victoria Rogers-W/F- 27 YOA- 531 South Washington Street, Mount Vernon GA- Seatbelt Violation, Driving While License Suspended Or Revoked (First)

Johnson, Robert Lee- B/M- 36 YOA-1500 E First St Room 456 Vidalia, Ga- Possession of Methamphetamines with Intent to Distribute

Adams,Crystal Armanda- W/F- 34 YOA- 423 Taylor Springs Road Vidalia, Ga - Possession of Cocaine,Possession Of Marijuana, Warrant Served

Vasquez, Kayla Marie-W/F-24 YOA- 141 Buck Corbin Road Lyons, Ga - Possession Of Controlled Substance

Diaz,Sonya Marie- W/F- 43 YOA- 135 Arrow Head Trail Lyons,Ga - Possession of Methamphetamines

Lopez-Martinez, Cornelio- H/M- 42 YOA- RR 2 Brooks Creek Rd. Vidalia, GA- Failure to obey Stop/Yeild Sign, No Driver’s License

Cobb, Valerie Amber- W/F- 38 YOA- 505 S. Broadfoot Boulevard Vidalia, GA- Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (Second)

Hester, Carissa A. - W/F- 37 YOA- 1409 Dykes Rd. Vidalia, GA- Theft by Shoplifting 3rd Offense (Citation)(Warrant Served-State Probation)

Jorden, Kenneth- B/M- 53 YOA- 607 Old Dairy Rd. Lot 19 Ailey, GA- Battery/Cruelty to Children (FVA)

Scott, Michael Jerome- B/M- 26 YOA- 307 Martin Luther King Boulevard Vidalia, GA- Theft by Receiving Stolen Property

McKinney, Christopher M. - B/M- 403 W. Toombs St. Vidalia, GA- No Driver’s License/Warrant Served (Toombs Co SO)

Powell, Austin Mitchell - W/M 20 YOA/ 309 Maple Dr. Vidalia, Ga./ Loitering/Prowling

Outlaw, Jaelyn Dayan- B/M- 18 YOA- 504 Ferncliff Dr. Vidalia, GA- Theft by Shoplifting 1st Offense (Citation)

Murphy, Lisa Danielle-B/F- 35 YOA- 406 E. Sixth St. Vidalia, GA- No Insurance, Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (First)/Seatbelt Violation/Giving False Name, Address, Birthdate to LE Officer

Smith, Timothy Lanard- B/M- 47 YOA- 304 N. Washington St. Albany, GA- Theft By Shoplifting (Felony)

Snell, Nykeria Christine – B/F – 17 YOA – 210 First Avenue, Vidalia, Ga – Possession of Marijuana less than 1 ounce

Thompson, Lesley Amanda - W/F 34 YOA/ 309 Mosley St. 7 Vidalia, Ga. / Warrant Served (Toombs Co. Bench Warrant)

Issac, Sholo Cumacumba - B/M 39 YOA/ 405 Madison St. Vidalia, Ga. / Probation Warrant (Possession of Marijuana)

Miller, Theo Dinard- B/M- 206 Fifth Ave Vidalia, GA- 36 YOA- Possession of Marijuana Less Than Ounce

Taylor, Robert Mitchell-W/M 35 YOA-577 Ovid Road Ailey, Ga - Theft By Shoplifting 1st Offense

Bostic, Fondanius O’Brian-B/M-21 YOA- 605 Orange Street Vidalia, Ga- Criminal Trespass

Evans, Brittni Mimbs-W/F-26 YOA- 205 Bobby Williamson Road Lyons, Ga - Theft By Shoplifting 1st Offense

Mimbs, Kimberly M- W/F- 48 YOA- 841 McGregor Alston Road Ailey, GA- Theft By Shoplifting 1st Offense


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