THS 2017 Val Sal 2Salutatorian Tyler Summeral (left) and Valedictorian Seth LoveMay 19--  The top graduates from the 2017 graduating class at Treutlen High School stand out on the playing field as well as in the classroom as both are multi-sport student athletes. 

Valedictorian Seth Love says it takes a lot of time to excel at both.  “It feels pretty good.  I worked hard to get to where I am now.  I had to go through some hard classes.  It definitely takes more time out of your schedule.  You don’t have as much free time to do some of the other things you would like to do other than sports.”

Seth added, “Work hard and study hard.  I didn’t do as good of a job as I should have and it definitely might get me in college.  Just study hard and do your best.  I am going to East Georgia College and get my Biology degree then go on to med school and be a pediatrician.”

Salutatorian Tyler Summeral says that even though he and Seth were teammates on the field, a friendly competition in the classroom helped to push them both to do their best.  “I gave him trouble for four straight years.  Not academically, but just telling him that I’m going to get him.  I think he finally left me in the dust at the end.”

Summeral added how the work ethic required to succeed in sports helped in the classroom.  “I honestly don’t know if I would be number two in my class if I didn’t play sports.  It has instilled a work ethic in me that I don’t think I would have without sports.  I’d like to thank all my coaches that push you on the field.  They also make you work harder in the classroom.  That’s one of the requirements if you’re going to be a Treutlen Viking.” 

“I’d like to give all the glory to God.  I know that sounds a little cliché but he has blessed me more than I could ever tell anyone in an interview.  I’d also like to thank Mr. Robbie Byrd for all the time he has put in with me, hours and hours like I’ve been his son.  That’s what he’s treated me like and I’d like to thank that man publically for what he’s done for me,” Summeral added.

Tyler has big plans for the future.  “I want to go to Statesboro and get a degree and become a lawyer one day and maybe be a politician if it all works out.”

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