VHA 2017 Val SalSalutatorian Christian Calloway (left) and Valedictorian Brayden PriceMay 19--  The second graduating class from Vidalia Heritage Academy has named their top graduates for 2017 and these two young men have very bright futures.

Valedictorian Brayden Price is honored to take the top prize.  “It’s an honor, especially being a part of just the second graduating class from this school.  I started striving for this in sixth or seventh grade when I started noticing year after year I was getting the highest GPA award.  I thought then that Valedictorian was something that was feasible,” said Price.

Some of subjects come easier than others to him.  “Some subjects like History and Literature come naturally to me while others like Math I had to do a little more grinding to get.  My parents have always been a huge supporter of me in everything.  They never let me settle.  They never let me think that something was good enough.  They always wanted me to excel.”

Price added, “I plan to go to UGA this fall and hopefully after graduating with a degree in History, I want to pursue a law degree.”

Salutatorian Christian Calloway said friendly competition helps to motivate everyone.  “It’s an honor and a major accomplishment for me as it’s always been close with all of our classmates.  It’s always been a friendly competition amongst all of our classmates to see who could come out on top,” said Calloway.

“Just keep persevering.  For a while I was back and forth between second and third but just keep trying and eventually you’ll get there.  I’m going up to August University and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Radiological Sciences,” added Calloway.

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