March 24--  Vidalia Police Chief Frank Waits reports the following arrests.

McGowan, Dale Robert - W/M 57 YOA/ 202 Pine St. Vidalia,  GA/ Theft by Shoplifting 1st Offense (Citation) (MISD)

Jackson, Otis Tibias - B/M 42 YOA/ 1208 Easter Dr. Apt 36 Vidalia, GA/ Theft by Shoplifting (Felony), Willfully

Obstruction of Police Officer Simple/ Verbal, Criminal Trespass

Price, Tracy Ann- W/F- 46 YOA- 1364 Calhoun St. Soperton, GA- Theft by Shoplifting 2nd Offense (Citation) (MISD)

McClung, Johnny Ray- W/M- 53 YOA-401 Church St. Cobbtown, GA- Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (First)/No Insurance 1st

McBee, Patricia Lynn- W/F- 38 YOA- 2806 Old Bristol Rd. Mershon, GA- Theft by Shoplifting (Felony)/Warrant Served (Long County Probation)

Kirkland, Cody Walter- W/M 26 YOA- 187 Old Norman Town Road Lyons, GA- Theft by Shoplifting (Felony)

Cunningham, Jennifer- W/F- 43 YOA- 2106 Ross Way Vidalia, GA- DUI 1st Offense

Tyer, Clifford Wayne- W/M- 48 YOA- 270 Rock Springs Rd Uvalda, GA- Metter, GA- Theft by Shoplifting 1st Offense (Citation)(MISD)

Tanner, Renae Beth- W/F 31 YOA- 1151 Mack Paul Rd. Wrightsville, GA- Theft by Shoplifting 1st Offense (Citation)(MISD)/Criminal Trespass/Possession of Controlled Substances (x4)

Moore, Tyler Carl Jason-W/M 18 YOA-Aimwell Rd. Vidalia, GA-Disorderly Conduct/Possession of Marijuana (less than 1 ounce)

Hudson, Kevin Ray-W/M 29 YOA-242 Cauley Rd Lyons, GA-Theft by Shoplifting

Turner, Charles Eric - W/M- 53 YOA- 204 E. First St. Rm 20 Vidalia, GA- Theft by Shoplifting 3rd Offense/Warrant Served (Montgomery County Probation)

Williams, Tonya                Renae- W/F- 34 YOA- 1364 Cedar Crossing Rd. Uvalda, GA- Possession of Marijuana Less Than Ounce/Warrant Served (Toombs County Probation)/Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (Second)/No Tag/No Proof of Insurance

Haynes, Lashunda Renia - B/F 38 YOA/ 710 Mike St. Vidalia, GA/ Possession Of Drug Related Objects, Simple Assault, Simple Battery, Willfully Obstruction Of Police Officer Sever/Forceful, Cruelty To children, Battery, Disorderly Conduct

Hancock, Steven Allen - W/M- 36 YOA/ 710 Woodford Rd. Swanson, SC/ Driving While License Suspended or Revoked 1st / Warrant Served (Tattnall County Probation Violation)

Cribbs, Shawn Eon - W/M- 34 YOA/ 408 Winona St. Vidalia, GA/ Warrant Served (Parole)

Jackson, Christina N. - W/F- 27 YOA- 1500 E. First St. Vidalia, GA- Warrant Served (Laurens County Probation)

Prescott, William Oliver- W/M- 29 YOA- 709 Mosley St. Vidalia, GA- Warrant Served (Toombs County State)/Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (Second)

Shoats, Lang Christopher R. - B/M- 29YOA- 660 Center St. Macon, GA- Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (Second)/Failure to Obey Stop/Yeild Sign/Warrant Served (Jones County Probation)


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