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December 18--  If you were ever a student in Bobby George's history class at Toombs County High School, chances are you wrote a paper called "Biography of a Great American" or "Family History." 

The assignments were a part of his class from 1984 until 2006.  Now he has over 2,000 papers in a filing cabinet and he wants to give them back to his students.

"Now I realize this is something that needs to go back to the community and back to those students who basically wrote a little biography," he says.

Most of the papers were based on interviews students conducted with older members of their families whom Tom Brokaw wrote about in his book, "The Greatest Generation."

"History really is made by everyday Americans who just raised their families, worked at their jobs, served in the military, or had to step up in situations like the Great Depression or the civil rights movement to pull their families through.  A lot of times we miss that these people have a story to tell and it's an important story even though it may not be a major story," Professor George says.

"That's something I think they remember most about being in my class.  Many times they didn't want to do it, but after they finished interviewing somebody it meant something to them.  Many times they were interviewing a grandmother or grandfather," he remembers.

Bobby will be a Toombs County High School this Thursday and Friday handing out the papers.  He'll be in the school's Media Center both days from 7-9 a.m., 11 a.m. - 1p.m. and from 5-6 p.m. and urges students to come and get their piece of history.

"It's been a good project and I'm very grateful I had students who did this. It's something that I'm hoping former students will come and get.  Even if they don't come during the days I'm trying to hand them out, if they'll contact me we'll get the papers to them because that's really what we want," he said.