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December 17--  The deadly shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut are prompting school administrators to take another look at their security and emergency reaction procedures.

In Vidalia. City School Superintendent Dr. Garrett Wilcox met with school principals Monday morning.

"The first thing we are trying to do is start the process of making sure our plans, which are in place, are more standardized across the system.  We talked about some obstacles and obviously practicing on a more regular basis these plans that we have set for intruders in the building," Wilcox reports.

He notes that buildings like Vidalia High School have some security challenges.  "It's an older building with multiple entrances.  Our schools were built in neighborhoods and they're not fenced in or set off the road and they're accessible to anybody.  That poses some issues." he said.

Dr. Wilcox says Doug Maybin, commander of the Georgia State Patrol post in Reidsville, came to his office Monday morning to discuss contingency plans and a meeting will be held to get everybody on the same page.

"On January 7, we're going to meet with the Vidalia Police Department. the Toombs County Sheriff's Office, the Georgia State Patrol and the Toombs County Emergency Management Agency to allow them to scrutinize our plans and become familiar with how the schools will respond should we experience something of this nature," he said.

Dr. Wilcox also says the school system is also working on a mass communication system and is reaching out to "a few other agencies and churches for the purpose of staging or reunification efforts" should something tragic happen.

Toombs County School Superintendent Dr. Kim Corley reports similiar security reviews are being done in Toombs County schools. 

The following statement was posted on the school system's webpage, "The Toombs County School System sends its love and thoughts to the families and community affected by the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. In memory of the victims, we are flying the American flag at half staff and wearing Sandy Hook Elementary school colors."