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December 7--  Another "Happy Tail" from Therisa Ingley at the Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society.

"This is Luke.  Many of you know the very HARD road Luke endured.  We found
him early in June with a huge laceration from his abdomen to his left foot.
Danielle and I were sooo shocked, we just knew the injury would make him an
instant candidate for euthanasia.  He was only a 5-6 month pup.

Dr. Padgett helped Luke, along with many donators.  He had 6 skin grafts and stayed at the vet for 40 days.  Luke was finally able to come to my house in August.
Luke continued to recover and was able to use his leg like a normal dog.  He
attracted little interest and waited for over 3 months in foster.  

In late November, Luke escaped the fence and injured his leg/hip beyond repair.  His
leg had to be amputated.  Pam, who visited Luke many days while he was
boarding, offered him a comfortable inside foster home for recovery.  Thanks
to Holly, Pennie, and Thyra for communicating constantly to all the rescues.

Thanks to Rescue Adoption Inc. in Florida, Luke left Georgia Nov 29th and
found his forever home, see below for what his new family had to say.  There
are many dogs in need, but this boy touched a few of our hearts deeply and
we are more than thrilled for him.  We can't help them all, but look at what
helping one can do.  This is our reward."

{mosimage}"He is amazing.....instantly part of the pack, everyone loves him!  

What a sweet boy, after playing with his new brothers all afternoon, they are all
napping together in the family room, we can't thank you enough"