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November 30--  Area businesses may be missing out on thousands of dollars in state and federal tax credits for things they do everyday.

The Vidalia Employer Committee sponsored a seminar with a company that specializes in helping business owners take advantage of such opportunities.

"There's a federal tax credit where if you hire a veteran, you can get up to $9,600 just for hiring a veteran.  If you're a business and you buy new software or new equipment, you can get up to $1,250 just for training your employees to use the new technology in your business," says David McMillan.

McMillan reports large companies often take advantage of the tax credits, but they are available for small companies, too.

"Anytime you hear about big companies moving into the state like Kia or Caterpillar, they move here for tax credits and those same tax credits are available to small businesses.  If you're a business with ten employees or 50 or 100 employees that's a great opportunity for tax credits.  If your a doctor's office or a manufacturer, those are two great areas which are constantly buying new equipment and there's a tax credit on training your employees on the stuff you already bought," McMillan notes.

"There's a lot of money out there and all these programs get pre-approved by the State of Georgia or by the federal government," according to McMillan.

For more information, you can contact Heather Davis, chairperson of the Vidalia Employer Committee at 565-9700.