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November 27--  Sara Rich from Montgomery County Elementary School reports students there have been voting.  Here's the story.

"Montgomery County Elementary School recently gave its students two opportunities to learn what it means to participate in a democracy by exercising the right to vote.  First elections were held for fifth grade student council officers and fourth grade representatives.  Later first through fifth graders joined millions of other elementary students across the country in participating in a mock Presidential election. 

Student Council  -  Students from grades four and five voted for Student Council officers.  The results are:  President – Emily Walker; Vice President – Macie Pittman; Secretary – Trey Ricks; Treasurer – Sarah Ortiz; Fourth Grade Representatives – Ryan Holton and Jamiya Bryant. 

The four officers came from a field of twenty-four students who campaigned by making posters and giving speeches on the GMME Show (the school’s daily video broadcast).  Their speeches explained to the other students why they would be the best choice for the office and included their campaign slogan.

The officers have been charged with these responsibilities:  (1) Be a role model and demonstrate leadership in the school and community; (2) Conduct themselves with academic integrity and exemplary conduct; (3) Talk and listen to classmates and bring their ideas and concerns to the Student Council and to the principal; (4) Help plan and carry out school fundraisers and service projects; (5) Work well with the administration and other officers; (6) Promote school spirit and pride in the school.

The student council has already completed one service project this year—collecting and boxing cat and dog food for the Vidalia Animal Shelter.  Their next project will be the school’s Christmas store on December 12th-14th. Proceeds will be donated to the Montgomery County Emergency Food Pantry.

{mosimage}Presidential Election  - Students in front of presidential campaign posters are (l-r) Kevin DeLeon, Haylie Introcaso, A'Niree Russell, Clabe O'Connor, Justin Hanner and Caleb Horne. 

In the days before the mock Presidential election, teachers and students had access to internet resources instructing students about the importance of elections in America.  After casting their votes for Obama or Romney online in the school computer lab, students were given “I Voted” stickers just like adults received when they voted in the real election on November 6th.

{mosimage}Students voting in the school computer lab are (l-r) A'niree Russell, Trey Ricks, Macie Pittman and Kevin Deleon.

Thanks go to all of the boys and girls who worked hard composing speeches and making posters before the student council elections.  It is hoped that by holding the student council elections and a mock election for United States President, all students at Montgomery County Elementary School are learning what it means to take part in a democracy."