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November 27--  Environmentalists in southeast Georgia are seeking a court order to force the state of Georgia to enforce existing law regarding clean water.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Divison is allowing King Finishing in Screven County to discharge chemicals into the Ogeechee River even though the state withdrew the company's permit while a study is being done on damage to the river.

In the interim, Emily Markesteyn with the Ogeechee RiverKeeper wants a Superior Court judge in Screven County to stop the discharges.

"We have an obligation to the river basin and its people to stop any illegal and harmful discharge and that includes the filing of this latest Petition for Mandemus against the State of Georgia because they are allowing King Finishing to discharge without a permit and that's a violation of the Clean Water Act," she claims.

"They know what's going on and they know what they can do to stop it.  The Ogeechee River is number one on the Georgia Water Coalition's "Dirty Dozen" list.  In that report they talk about EPD's budget cuts and political cronyism in the Governor's Office and I think it all plays a part when it comes to protecting our natural resources," Markesteyn says.

Meanwhile, she reports citizens are calling and reporting troubling observations along the river.

"Most of the calls we receive from citizens are actually about not seeing wildlife.  Not seeing fish, birds and the animals and that, more than anything, is troubling to me," she reports.