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November 12--  A Toombs County grand jury has returned 19 indictments including one for malice murder.

Rochelle Hurst of Augusta was indicted in the killing of Benjamin Herman Kelly in his house at 628 Fifth Avenue in Vidalia last May.  Hurst allegedly hit Kelly in the head with a hammer and stabbed him in the chest with a knife.

Police believe the indictment of Davlares Latimore solves a rash of automobile breakins in Vidalia last Spring.  Latimore was indicted for breaking into 17 vehicles last April.  Another person indicted on one count of entering an automobile is Amanda Elizabeth Roberson Page.

In an arson case, a member of the Oasis Church of God on the Ponderosa Road near Lyons was indicted.  Forty-four-year old Timothy Harden is accused of stealing musical equipment from the church and then setting the fire to cover up the theft in August of last year.

A domestic violence case resulted in the indictment of Casey Lee Bruns.  He's accused of victimizing Stephanie Denmark of Lyons by false imprisonment, battery, stalking and obstructing her from making 911 calls for help.

Four people were indicted for armed robbery and aggravated assault against migrant workers at Herndon Farms south of Lyons last March.  They're identified as Lorenzo Bennett, Jeffrey Branch, Arreon Jackson and Krista Sagaon.

Deremmus Williams was indicted for using an AK-47 in a case of aggravated assault and burglary at two apartments on Easter Drive in Vidalia last June.

Eight people indicted in theft cases are Brianna Martin, John Tomason, Christopher McCoy, Eugene Sibert, Jr., Darwin Foskey, James Lee Lewis, Jr., Antwon King and Arturo Villegas, Jr. who was also indicted on seven counts of forgery.

In two drug cases, Jason Beasley was indicted for possession of Oxycodone and Hydrocodone whle Christol Morris and Earl Cooper were indicted for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

And a Toombs County prisoner, Bennie Hayward, Jr. was indicted for possession of contraband by an inmate.