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October 23--  The Augusta Chronicle is endorsing State Representative Lee Anderson of Grovetown for the 12th Congressional District seat currently held by Congressman John Barrow.  The paper's editorial board posted the following editorial in Monday's edition of the paper.

"How thoroughly fitting that Lee Anderson’s congressional campaign headquarters in Evans is in the former Strictly Country gift store at Washington and Belair. Nothing the erstwhile shop could have offered to the public, after all, could’ve been more country than Anderson himself.

His campaign signs feature a tractor. He was born and raised on the three-generation family farm in Columbia County he still operates. He went to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and Brewton-Parker Christian college. He’s served the Columbia County Farm Bureau for over 27 years, as a past president and current board member. He’s a member of the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association.

Lee Anderson is homegrown, down to Earth and as real and unassuming and reliable as the land he has worked all his life.

Our modern sensibilities wonder how candidates will look and sound on television and such. Our modern sensibilities, of course, are way out of alignment with the vision of our founders – who no doubt envisioned a Capitol bristling with genuine sleeves-rolled-up Americans with a bit of soil under their fingernails and homespun wisdom under their hats.

So the concern is that Anderson isn’t slick and city-polished like so many of today’s entrenched politicians, including the incumbent he’s challenging in the 12th Congressional District, John Barrow.

Then again, what’s all the polish in Washington done for us except give us a big fat shiner? The collection of careerists in Congress have sweet-talked their way completely through our wallets and into the Chinese’s, bankrupting America along the way. They’re chewing through America’s foundation as surely as a colony of termites. But we’re supposed to be afraid how an ordinary person might sound in this den of thieves? Good grief.

Shame on anyone who tries to sell you that tower of babble. But there are those in this community – reputed Republicans among them – who are trying.

The unvarnished truth is, Lee Anderson represents everything that’s right with America. Hard work and self-reliance. Faith and family. Simple dignity and wholesomeness. Restraint and humility. And, above all, the common sense not to eat one’s own seed corn.

“It’s time for us to get back to basics,” Anderson says – covering up his own photo on his website with the words “Balance the Budget.”

“I am what this district is.”

Voters have already recognized and rewarded that fact, more than once. He was elected to the Columbia County Board of Education for eight years, the Columbia County Commission for four years, and since 2008 the Georgia House of Representatives.

In contrast, his opponent represents everything that’s wrong with Washington. We noted two years ago that the Democrat was talking out of both sides of his mouth – having sent mailers to one group of voters claiming he was working hand-in-hand with Barack Obama, but sending another mailer to other voters saying he’s standing up to the Democratic leaders in Congress. Talk about wanting it both ways!

He’s no more coherent in 2012: Despite trying to sell himself in ads as an independent, Barrow sent out a Democratic fundraising letter bragging that “I have supported the President and the Democratic leadership 85 percent of the time.”

Does that sound like the 12th District of Georgia to you?

However Lee Anderson comes off on camera, you can bet he won’t have two faces.

“I consider myself to be a work horse, not a show horse,” he says.

It’s beyond us why the district chose to be represented in 2010 by someone who has to vote against his party in order to represent his voters. Lee Anderson won’t have that problem.

It’s time to get real in Washington. It’s time to send a reliable conservative there – not to pose pretty, but to vote steady.

Elect Lee Anderson to Congress."