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October 17-- The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) released its schools’ 2011 and 2012 statistics for graduate totals and job placement rates earlier this month, and Southeastern Technical College ranked in the top seven in job placement.

“Despite the stagnant job market in Georgia, STC continues to excel in its placement of students,” said Lance Helms, director of career services at Southeastern Tech. “It's a testimony to STC and technical education in the work place arena. STC is becoming a first choice to more high school students each and every year.”

Southeastern Tech’s total placement rate for 2011 was 99.1 percent, higher than 19 of the technical colleges in the state. Of those same graduates, 88.2 percent were placed in a job in their chosen field.

“Our graduates have obtained the knowledge and skills needed to become a productive member of the workforce,” said Karen Vereen, STC’s registrar. “We are proud of all of them and salute them for their hard work and dedication.”

Southeastern Tech graduated a total of 657 students from its Summer Transition Quarter in 2011 up to the summer semester of this year. This number is down from the previous year, though the college’s move from quarters to semesters since then made the decrease not entirely unexpected.

“Instead of having four exit and graduation points throughout an academic year, we now only have three,” said Dr. Barry Dotson, vice president of student affairs at Southeastern Tech. “With fewer cohorts graduating in a given year, this would account for the slight percentage decrease in our number of graduates.”