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October 12--  A lifelong Democrat and former chairman of the Montgomery County Commission has left the Democrat Party and moved to the Republican ranks as a matter of conscience.

Commissioner Brandon Braddy informed fellow commissioners of his decision at the October meeting of the county commission and explained why.

"I can't be part of a Party that's going to reject God.  On September 5th at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, they had a vote on the floor of the convention to insert 'God' and 'Jerusalem' back into the platform.  The moderator had to call for the vote three times because there were so many who were against it.  If they had taken a show of hands vote, I'm not sure they would have had even a simple majority.  I'm just concerned about that because if there's a time we need God in our country, we need him now more than ever before.  I just can't be attached to a Party which just rejected him flat out on the floor of the convention," Braddy said.

"My conscience just really bothered me about remaining a Democrat.  I contacted the Montgomery Republican Party and filed the appropriate paperwork to finish out the remainder of my term as a Republican.  I'm grateful to Mike Gibbs and his team for allowing me do that.  This is a decision me and my family made together and I'm thankful that I did it," he concluded.