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October 2--  The Republican candidate for the 12th Congressional District kicked off his "Tractor Tour" with a gathering at the Vidalia Onion Factory Tuesday afternoon.

{mosimage}State Representative Lee Anderson of Grovetown (right) was endorsed at the rally by State Representative Greg Morris of Vidalia.  Representative Morris said Anderson's opponent in the race, four-term Democrat Congressman John Barrow of Augusta, is not the conservative he claims to be.

"He's not a common sense conservative like he says.  It's not anything personal, it's political, but he's one of those chardonnay-sipping, Barbara Streisand ticket-holding liberals and that ain't who we want representing us.  We want somebody like Lee Anderson," Morris told the crowd.

A political blogger this week speculated that the challenger is afraid to debate the polished incumbent because of Anderson's thick southern accent.  Anderson says that's untrue.

"That's not the reason.  The reason is that John Barrow won't telll the truth.  When he will say that he's going to vote for Obama for President, then I'll consider debating him.  I'm here to tell you that I'm voting for Mitt Romney and I'm proud to have a southern accent," Anderson explained. 

With considerably less campaign money than Barrow, Anderson says he's burning shoe leather working the grassroots asking for votes.

"The people are sick and tired of Obamacare and the way our country is going.  They want less government, they want their freedom and liberty back, they want businesses to create jobs and not government and they want someone they can communicate with.  My state representative's card has my cell phone number on it, 706-394-1812, and people know they can get in touch with me and I'm here to serve them," Anderson said.