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October 2-- Hastings Wyman of Southern Political Report offers his perspective on the race for Congress in the 12th Congressional District between incumbent Democrat John Barrow of Augusta and his Republican challenger State Representative Lee Anderson of Grovetown.

"Georgia 12 (Augusta, etc.): Redistricting was not kind to fourth-term US Rep. John Barrow (D), the last remaining white Democratic member of Congress in the Deep South. The percentage of African Americans, generally loyal to Democratic candidates, declined from 43 percent of registered voters to 33 percent. Indeed, John McCain would have carried the 12th District under the post-redistricting lines by 56 percent. But Barrow has a couple of advantages. First, he’s got plenty of money: $1,388,000 on hand as of July 11, to $117,000 for his Republican opponent, state Rep. Lee Anderson, reported on August 1 after an expensive primary and runoff. Secondly, Anderson won the GOP runoff by a mere 200 votes, leaving some Republicans disgruntled. And third, Anderson is saddled – or blessed, depending on one’s point of view – with “a rural Southern accent so pronounced that it ought to be preserved in amber for future generations to examine and enjoy,” wrote the Atlanta Journal & Constitution’s Jim Galloway. Some upscale GOPers, many of whom backed Anderson’s runoff foe, may not cotton to Anderson’s syntax, so Anderson has been avoiding a debate with Anderson. Still, on balance, leans Republican."