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September 30--  Forty percent of the criminal indictments returned by a Toombs County grand jury in September were related to alleged drug offenses.

Indicted for cocaine charges are Walford McKinney, Shone Hunt, John Baskin and Marcus Trull, Jr.  Marijuana-related indictments were returned against Orbey Gibbons, Terrence Woods, Kenneth Manuel, Ryan Hewitt and Gary Stauff.  Also indicted in drug cases are Sylvester Clark and Emily Stuckey.

A cruelty to children indictment was returned against Alyshia Profit and Derrell Ruth was indicted for child molestation.

A rash of 19 automobile breakins late last year is expected to be solved with the indictment of Aaron Mullinax.

Burglary indictments were returned against Rashan Beacham, Jeremy Bell, Travis Spencer, Martez Walker, Jr. and Tony Lee Swain.

The grand jury also indicted Brian Collins for aggravated assault, Brian Shelton for debit card theft, Wesley Mobley for forgery, Shawn Cribbs and Blake Johnson for damaging police vehicles, Lewis Gardner for damaging government property and Carl Kelley for possessing a vehicle with an altered identification number.