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September 11--  The Republican challenger to the 12th Congressional District's incumbent Democrat Congressman John Barrow believes President Obama's unpopularity in the disrtrict will hurt Barrow in the November election.

{mosimage}State Representative Lee Anderson of Grovetown says the message that got him nominated in the Republican primary will carry the day in the general election.

"We're going to stay on focus to balance the budget, repleal Obamacare and get our country back growing again with jobs in the great state of Georgia," Anderson says.

Anderson says he expects he will debate Barrow before the election and adds,  "I want to hear him on TV saying I support Obama and Nancy Pelosi.   He voted with Obama 85 percent of the time.  He voted to keep Obamacare and that's the biggest tax increase that is being shoved down American's throats.  The people do not have a choice and we need to repeal Obamacare so people can choose their own doctor and their own hospital."

Because of redistricting, Anderson believes he has a good chance beat the four-term congressman.

"We feel very good and very comfortable that we will have another Republican congressman in the state of Georgia come November.  We've got to get back to basics.  We've got to have less government.  We've got to get government out of the way of the people and let the people create jobs.  Government does not create jobs and we've got to balance the budget," Anderson claims.