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September 2--  Retired Vidalia dentist Dr. Lloyd Darby adopts SDM music teacher Mrs. Kaysi Beverly, just as he did last year.  Once more the challenge is issued to businesses and individuals throughout the community  -- Adopt a Teacher. 

{mosimage}Last year 130 teachers out of 200 were adopted by various businesses and individuals. “It’s really very simple,” Dr. Darby said.  “Choose a teacher, almosteverybody knows at least one.   Call her or him and offer to help offset any school supply expense that they may have.   I just asked Mrs. Beverly to itemize a supplies list, place a cost on each item, tell me the total and I did my best to pay the cost.  It’s just that easy.”

This year School Superintendent Garrett Wilcox has designated a teacher in each of the four schools to be Adoption Coordinators.  People who don’t know who to adopt can call the school and these four teachers will know who hasn’t been adopted yet. They are:  J. D. Dickerson Elementary - Carol Welch (Principal); Sally D. Meadows Elementary  -  Mrs. Kaysi Beverly; J. R Trippe Middle School – Kellie Cox;  Vidalia Comprehensive High School - Nikki Balcziunas (Guidance Secretary)