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August 20--  The Georgia school board is expected to give the Montgomery County school board a reprieve this week.

The state board has a meeting scheduled with the Montgomery County board of education Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 in Atlanta.

Last summer the state board warned members of the Montgomery school board they could be removed from office unless action was taken to correct school board governance issues noted by a review team from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Earlier this summer SACS removed the Montgomery school system from probatiion, but noted work is still needed to improve communications with members of the community.  

School Superintendent Randy Rodgers believes the state board will support the findings of SACS and inform the board of that decision Wednesday.

Meanwhile, new faces will make up a majority of the school board in January and the lameduck board has voted to give the current school superintendent a new three-year contract. 

"The purpose that was communicated to me was to try to commit to some consistency as far as leadership in the system was concerned," Rodgers said about the board's four-to-one vote.  Outgoing member Jackson Posey voted against the contract.

Mr. Rodgers contract was due to expire next June.  The new contract took effect August 9th and will remain in effect until August, 2015.  It continues his salary at the current level of $105,500 and includes a car allowance and insurance benefits.

The superintendent says it's common practice for a school board to negotiate a new contract with a superintendent once there's less than a year left on the old contract.  He says he has no reason to believe there's any other reason to question the motives of the school board.

"I would be speculating if I said one way or the other.  I believe I can work with a new board.  That's not an issue as far as I am concerned.  I believe it was a situation that it was time to address my contract," he said.

Under terms of the new contract, a new board would have to continue to pay Rodgers if it decided to replace him, according to the superintendent.

"If someone has an axe to grind with me, they must have a reason.  I'm satisfied that my actions have been warranted and the actions that someone may like or dislike are not warranted," Rodgers said.

"I really want the opportunity to continue implementing the programs we're implementing.  I'm not ashamed that we are performing as well as we are academically and we're operating efficiently.  This school year is the first time in a number of years that we are operating financially in the black," he notes.