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August 13--  The Toombs County school board's approval of a $32.9 million dollar budget for fiscal year 2013 holds the line on local school taxes, according to School Superintendent Dr. Kendall Brantley.

"The primary thing in local tax dollars is we're looking at $3.8 million dollars for our local budget. That's predicated on a millage rate of 11.5 mils which means there will be no tax increase in order to maintain the budget where it is," he says.

Dr. Brantley says one way the Toombs school system holds down operating costs in through a shorter school term.

"Our 160 days is equivalent to most system's 180 days.  We stay in class about an hour and a half longer than other systems," he reports.

No reductions in force or furlough days are included in the new budget and Dr. Brantley is hopeful the state will be in a position to maintain promised funding.

"State revenue is up by 7.4% as of the end of July.  I predict the state will be able to honor its obligations to us and we should be able to have a balanced budget at the end of the year," he hopes.

The Toombs County school board has a called meeting Thursday, August 30 at 6:30 to approve the school property tax rate for the year.