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August 10--  A recount in the Republican Primary for the 12th Congressional District seat only gained four votes for Republican candidate Wright McLeod of Augusta.

That puts McLeod out of the August 21st runoff which pits frontrunner Lee Anderson of Grovetown against Augusta building contractor Rick Allen.

The winner will face incumbent Democrat Congressman John Barrow in the November general election.

Wright McLeod issued the following statement after the recount.

"Today, the recount we requested confirmed that Wright McLeod for Congress has fallen just short and we remain 580 votes behind. We hoped for a different result, but now we must accept the outcome.


I entered this race because I saw my Nation and my children's future in deep distress. That ailing condition will grow worse until we elect representatives who have the strength of character to say "No!" to wasteful spending, "No!" to greater taxation ,"No!" to increased government intrusion, and "NO!" to violating the Constitution. We must ensure this happens.


A Congressional primary is a "family affair". We scuffle, but we share the same ideals. All of us in the Republican family want to nominate a qualified candidate of high character so we can defeat John Barrow in November. I congratulate Lee Anderson and Rick Allen, one of whom will be that person.


Service above Self requires involvement where and when society requires.  I'm so thankful that my wife Sheri and our girls Collier, Maggie, and Grace were with me throughout the campaign. Together, we stride into the future with undiminished commitment, knowing that we have answered the call to serve.  


I am also very proud of how we conducted ourselves during this campaign. We fought hard, we fought fair, and we gave it our all. "Mission 1st" has been our motto from the beginning. We stayed true to the mission, and the mission will continue.


I thank you for your unfailing support."