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December 30-- It’s been in the news recently that Georgia Power is planning a rate increase for its customers in 2020. John Kraft of Georgia Power explains the reason for the increase.

“This is our first rate case since 2013. We filed this case back in the summer with the Public Service Commission as we’re required to do and I think it’s going to enable us to continue making the investments in our state’s electrical grid. It’s also about our environmental programs that are required to comply with federal and state regulations. And then it’s also about our storm restoration efforts. After six years of hundreds of storms across that time and three straight years of major hurricanes in Matthew, Irma and Michael, we were under due to storm cost to the tune of $450,000,000,” said Kraft.

Kraft added, “What was included was a measure that will increase about $5.89 for the typical customer which uses 1,000 kilowatt hours a month. Part of our case included an increase in the base service charge. That’s the fixed charge that everyone pays each month regardless of the amount of energy they use. That’s to cover the cost that exists like having the grid available 24/7 whenever they flip the switch, metering, billing, and customer service. It will go up $2 beginning in 2021and $2 in 2022.”