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December 20-- With 2020 fast approaching, getting ready for the upcoming elections is extremely important, especially with all the new changes that are being implemented from the State of Georgia for the upcoming year. Toombs County Election Supervisor Carey Alligood gave an update to the commissioners at their regular meeting Tuesday night.

While the initial cost of the equipment is being paid for by the state, the maintenance and upkeep will be the responsibility of the county. Alligood said, “What we will receive from the Secretary of State’s Office is sixty nine touch units, nine scanners, one central unit which will be located in my office at all times, twenty seven touch pads, and one ballot printer and the program itself.”

“If we had purchased this equipment ourselves at the county level it would have cost us $369,000 but because the state went in and purchased all this equipment under them, the value of the equipment is $242,000,” said Alligood.

While the new systems will be quite a bit different from what voters are used to in the past, they will be very simple and easy to use. “It’s actually like a huge touch pad or a big screen TV. They are about 34 inches high and about 12 inches wide, and that’s what you’ll actually touch to vote. When you are through voting, you will hit print and print out a paper ballot with a bar code at the top. You’ll take that to the scanner and scan that in yourself. That’s when your ballot will be cast and counted,” stated Alligood.