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December 11-- The trial of Antoine Miller concluded this week with the defendant being found guilty of all charges. Miller was charged in the shooting and robbery of Jonathan Lanier in October of 2018 when Miller robbed and shot Lanier while he was waiting for his wife to get off work at McDonald’s in Vidalia. Lanier’s children were waiting in the car with Lanier when the incident occurred.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Tripp Fitzner said, “It was an armed robbery, aggravated assault, and cruelty to children case that happened on October 12, 2018. Jonathan Lanier had been playing cards with Antoine Miller that day and Antoine had lost all his money to Lanier. After Lanier left Miller’s house and picked up his kids, he and his kids were waiting for his wife.”

Fitzner added, “The defendant shows up and gets in the car with Lanier and his children and asks for his money back and Lanier said no. Then he shoots Jonathan in the leg, gets the money from him and runs away. Miller is ultimately apprehended on November 9th, 2018 with the assistance of the United States Marshalls.”

On the sentencing of Miller, Fitzner stated, “On the armed robbery he got life with the possibility of parole. For the aggravated assault, he got 20 serve 10 consecutive to the life sentence. For the possession of a firearm by a convicted felon he got 5 years probated consecutive to the aggravated assault. And then for the three counts of cruelty to a child in the third degree he got 12 months to serve concurrent with count 2.”

Fitzner was pleased with the hard work of law enforcement. “I’m happy with the work that the Vidalia Police Department did. The investigator on the case, especially Chris Morgan, he did a fantastic job. It was an investigation that relied predominantly on eye witness testimony. If they hadn’t have done such a good job I know that we wouldn’t have gotten a conviction,” said Fitzner.