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December 5-- As 2019 comes to a close, it brings good news to the City of Vidalia in the form of higher sales tax collections than in the past. City of Vidalia Finance Director Bill Bedingfield is excited about the trend.

“What we’re seeing is some of the results of the legislature passing some bills that are getting these online retailers to pay tax in Toombs County. Georgia is a point of delivery state, being that when an item is delivered here that’s where the taxes should be paid. We’re beginning to see that and it’s been exciting,” said Bedingfield.

Bedingfield added, “SPLOST for example has been fantastic. For example our latest month versus last year is up 15%, and up 8.9% year to date.” With the holiday season coming up Bedingfield expects that to continue. “Did you see Cyber Monday’s numbers? 6.2 billion. If they’re charging the sales tax correctly and paying to the local counties then we should see a tremendous boost. And we see a boost normally from just local shoppers. We hope people are shopping locally but those that do shop online should be getting those funds back into our city,” said Bedingfield.

SPLOST collections are not the only revenues that are up. “TSPLOST is up too. It’s a one percent tax based with the distribution based on the number of miles of roads you have in your city. Hotel/motel continues to grow also. We’ve had some tremendous growth in that tax. All in all, just good news for Vidalia,” stated Bedingfield.