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December 4-- As we get closer to the holiday season, one thing that sometimes gets forgotten is the need for blood. With traveling and accidents up and the blood donations down due to the busy holiday season, it’s more important than ever to give blood.

Biram Chapman of the American Red Cross has come up with a great idea to help out. “During summertime, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, any of those times, the blood drives just drop off because we’re not able to have the drives at the schools. It’s very important during any major holiday to give blood.”

Chapman added, “We’ve got a blood drive coming up next week, the Battle of the Booster clubs. We’ll be at Vidalia High School on Tuesday, December 10th and Toombs County High School on Thursday, December 12th from 1 – 6 PM each day. Whoever gets the most donors to come in gets a trophy and we hope to make this an annual event.”

“McLendon Enterprises is the sponsor for this and has agreed to donate $20 for every unit of blood given to each of the respective booster clubs. The donor will specify when they give blood which school to make the donation,” added Chapman.

Vidalia Booster Club President Darren McLellan said, “Biram approached us about this and I thought it was a great idea. The winners are those who receive the blood.”

Toombs County Booster Club President Bill Benton said, “The beautiful thing about the boosters is it’s going to touch every kid in every sport, it’s not specifically for one group. It’s huge.”

You don’t have to give at your school; you can give at either school. “Vidalia can donate at Toombs and Toombs can donate at Vidalia so if you can’t make it on that particular day it’s ok,” said Chapman.