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Mammography photoDecember 3--  Meadows Regional Medical Center has announced that is the first facility in Georgia to offer GE’s 3D stereotactic biopsy technology that will both increase the capacity for early cancer detection and provide patients with access to enhanced breast imaging services closer to home.

The 3D-guided breast stereotactic biopsy is a minimally invasive procedure that uses mammographic imaging techniques to gather tissue samples from a breast abnormality. The 3D biopsy software is utilized to precisely target and sample asymmetries, masses, architectural distortions, and calcifications in the breast especially those that were best (or only) seen on 3D. The biopsy software also reduces the number of images taken from 12 to four, therefore reducing the amount of radiation the patient receives and the time the patient is in compression. The procedure can be used, in some instances, as an alternative to more invasive surgical biopsies. The good news is that around 70% of breast biopsies are benign. If there is a potential problem, early detection is essential and increases treatment options and the likelihood of successful recovery.

“We are very excited to be the first facility in Georgia to have GE’s 3D-guied stereotactic breast biopsy capabilities,” said Tracey Kennedy, Meadows Regional Medical Center Director of Radiology. “We’re also only one in five facilities in the United States to purchase and receive the GE Pristina 3D biopsy software. The performance and image quality of this system is exceptional. The efficiency of the system features ease of operation, and the ability to visualize fine calcifications and find lesions only seen on 3D. Our mammography technologists say it is the “Cadillac” of stereotactic systems.”

Meadows Regional Medical Center, located at One Meadows Parkway, Vidalia, has been using the GE Pristina 3D biopsy software since October 2019.

For more information about the new technology or to schedule a mammogram today, call Meadows Health Scheduling at 912.535.5679.