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By State Representative Greg Morris, Vidalia

Governor Kemp/Health Insurance. Gov. Kemp has unveiled his plan for a Medicaid waiver that will replace Obamacare in Georgia with a proposal that would help provide affordable health insurance for working Georgians. He has named it “Georgia Pathways”, a more workable and fair plan than a full-scale Medicaid expansion that would eventually bankrupt our state. Gov. Kemp ‘s plan seeks to help Georgias poorest working citizens, that do not qualify for Medicaid. This is what I like about the plan. To qualify, you must be employed, enrolled in school, or doing specific community service for at least 80 hours a month. Gov. Kemp’s point is to not just throw money at the problem but to encourage and promote full time employment. Which is why the liberals naturally hate the idea.

The plan would have to be approved on the Federal level, and although Gov. Kemp is particularly close to President Trump, approval is not a given. And Obama appointed judges in other states have blocked similar waiver plans with work requirements. The cost is estimated be 36 million for the state and 128 million for the Federal government. Gov. Kemp also has a plan to help Georgians with higher incomes qualify for more affordable insurance that I will detail in a later report.

New Voting Machines. In Six counties voters tried out Georgias new voting machines. With a very few glitches, the machines got positive reviews from election officials and voters alike during the elections earlier this month. The new machines will still allow voter to cast ballots on a large electronic touchscreen , but it will also print the selections on paper to be fed through a scanner to record the vote. That adds a step in voting from what we are used to, but now there is a paper ballot to verify results. The state hopes to have 30,000 machines ready for the March 2020 Presidential primary.

#1 Again. For the 7th year in a row Georgia has been named by Site Selection Magazine as the best state in which to locate a business. Factors again included our efforts to cut burdensome regulations, and gearing our post-secondary education efforts to produce a world-class workforce. 50% of the criteria is based on our favorable tax policy.