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November 15-- It was another successful United Way Campaign this year in Toombs, Montgomery and Wheeler counties.

UNITEDWAY19United Way Executive Director Patricia Dixon says the goal was exceeded by more than $35,000, "This year so far we've raised over $585,000, which is really a big number for a community our size. We're real excited because we've got 22 agencies that are depending on our funding and our community has once again stepped up to the plate and we hit a home run. I thank everyone in our community that has done their part to make it happen."

For more than 20 years, Patricia Dixon has been leading the effort to help community service agencies in the three-county area, "I've been the director for 21 years, and the Lord has truly blessed me. I tell people all the time that if you sat in my office and see and hear what I hear, and how the United Way of Toombs, Montgomery and Wheeler counties changes lives, you would never think of the United Way the same. People come here when they are hopeless, but they find hope through our agencies."

For years, Vidalia Communications Corporation has played an active role in supporting the United Way Campaign and this year the United Way recognized retiring General Manager Zack Fowler for support, "We just wanted to recognize Zack for what he has done for our United Way. One of the main things he started was asking our agencies to do public service announcements so people could know what our agencies are doing and just educate our community, and that is so important."