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November 8--  A teacher who's in her fourth year of teaching at Montgomery County High School is the school system's "Teacher of the Year."

Math teacher Brittany Hobbs thought she wanted to farm, but says God had other plans for her life, "It's God's plan.  It all fell into place and he wanted me to be a teacher and I tried to stay away from it, so that's why I'm here."

mocobrittanyTeacher of the Year Brittany Hobbs (left) with School Superintendent Hugh Kight and Assistant Superintendent Marcee Pool.

Dr. Scott Barrow, Principal at Montgomery County High School, observed, "She teachers Geometry and Algebra II and we're glad to have her.  She does an amazing job in the classroom and has a well organized standards based classroom.  It's well deserved and I'm proud for her and I'm proud for the school system."

Brittany believes in getting creative teaching her students, "My goal is to make sure they're up and moving and they're constantly learning and engaged with fun activities.  I've had them singing their formulas and that's a new thing I tried this year and they loved it.  Keeping them engaged and moving is the new key to things," she said.

She also believes she can make an impact on her students' lives, "I hope to be changing their life and convince them they can do more than they think they can.  If they just work hard, they can accomplish anything in life."

Dr. Barrow believes the school environment in Mount Vernon helps teachers make a difference, "We try to do a good job building relationships with our students to make sure they understand that we care about them and we love them so they learn like they need to.  These teachers here and others in the building have really got a good handle on that," he said.

Two other teachers were honored for being "Teachers of the Year" in their respective schools.

mocoskyeFourth grade science teacher Skye Joyce (left) is the "Teacher of the Year" at Montgomery County Elementary School with Superintendent Kight and Assistant Superintendent Marcee Pool.

mocoshannonTwenty-seven-year-veteran math teacher Beth Shannon (left) won the honor at Montgomery County Middle School and was presented the award by Superintendent Kight and Assistant Superintendent Marcee Pool.