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November 7--  The two high schools in Toombs County made improvements this year on their state performance ratings.

Vidalia High School improved its score by ten points while Toombs County High School made a nine point jump.

The 77.4 rating at Vidalia High School is nearly a half-point higher than the state average and is a step in the right direction, according to Principal John Sharpe, "The most exciting thing is the teachers are not satisfied with where they are now, they want to continue to grow."

The Principal says Vidalia High School's low score of 67.2 in 2018 was attributable to how the state scored performance that year,"The year we dropped it was because they changed the way they recorded the scoring.  We had to make the adjustment and I told the teachers it is what is is and we're not satisfied with this score and we're going to have to work hard to get at least above the state average. We've reached that mark and now we're going to continue to hopefully improve next year."

At Toombs County High School the jump to a 71.3 is due to improvements in a number of areas, according to Principal Marissa Morris, "Our scores came up in several areas.  Social studies was really high for us and we made gains in biology.  We've still got a ways to go in math, but we're working on that, and we saw increases in language arts as well. 

"Also, our attendance and our Pathway completers and overall students who attend dual enrollment increased, so that helped us tremendously along with our discipline problems being cut in half," she said.

Overall Principal Morris believes teachers are making progress working with Bulldog students, "We're all about the kids and building relationships that lead to successful academics and overall success in life.  We've worked hard on that and trying to keep stability with teachers and standards and I think that has made a difference for us with consistency."