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July 23-- A federal indictment, unsealed today in federal court in Dublin, charges seven defendants with a conspiracy to illegally traffic firearms.  The indictment follows a 7-month federal and state undercover investigation in the Johnson County area dubbed “Operation Gunrunner.” 

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) initiated Operation Gunrunner in September of 2011, targeting individuals allegedly involved in the sale of firearms stolen during residential burglaries in the Johnson County area.  During the operation, law enforcement purchased 23 firearms, many of which had been stolen.

The seven defendants indicted on federal charges include:

Terryon J. Norris, 24, Wrightsville, Georgia;

Lakendon S. Brown, 23, Wrightsville, Georgia;

Frank L. Wesley, 57, Wrightsville, Georgia;

William T. Walker, 28, Wrightsville, Georgia;

Kendrick L. Dixon, 30, Wrightsville, Georgia;

Whitney T. Wittmer, 23, Wrightsville, Georgia;

Mercedes D. Jenkins, 21, East Dublin, Georgia.

Several of the defendants have been arrested today.  The JCSO, Wrightsville Police Department, Georgia State Patrol, East Dublin Police Department and ATF participated in the arrests.  Initial appearances are scheduled to be held on tomorrow, Tuesday, July 24, at the federal courthouse in Dublin.