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July 11--  Vidalia's new school superintendent will wear two hats for up to a year to save money.

Tuesday night the Vidalia school board approved Superintendent Dr. Garrett Wilcox's recommendation that he also remain the principal at Vidalia High School this coming school term because of rising costs facing the school system.{mosimage}

"At this present time, I think for at least six to a 12 months period I could continue to serve as principal.  I'm not getting a raise to continue to serve as principal, but I think we have enough leadership over there to get through a year.  What that year means to me is possibly saving a teaching job and it does a second thing because I think it will create an opportunity to have more leadership type people viewed in that building," Wilcox told the board.

Dr. Wilcox promised to give the school board monthly updates on how it's working and said he'd be the first to admit if it's not.  

In other actions, the school board agreed to award a $48,500 contract for the installation of 57 security cameras on the campus of Vidalia High School.  Secure Georgia, Inc of Glenwood is expected to start work on the project next week.

It also approved a school system budget of $26.2 million for fiscal year 2013.