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Sept 25-- Vidalia High School participated in Active Schools' third Annual 'Take Your Parent to PE Week' on 9/24/2019, where parents were welcomed to join their child in physical education class.
Take Your Parent to PE Week is a fun, immersive way to introduce parents to the physical education program and teachers at their child's school. The weeklong, national campaign encourages parents to engage with PE throughout the year and encourages families to be physically active together at home and in the community.
“At Vidalia High School we know that physical learning plays a vital role in the overall development of our students," said Principal John Sharpe. "Daily activity is crucial for students' healthy physical, social and emotional, and academic development. We are proud to give it the attention it deserves in our curriculum."
Vidalia High School's Parents to PE is led by Coach Missy Owens, who was excited to welcome her students' parents to class and demonstrate the day-to-day physical learning she provides.
"Our school is very engaged with parents, but generally it's the classroom teachers and counselors who get all the facetime when it comes time for conferences and open house," said Coach Missy Owens, "I'm excited to show off my curriculum! A lot has changed for the better since many parents have been to PE class, and I thoroughly enjoyed showing that."
Participating parents attended class and participated in activities such as warm-up activities (running and stretching/Yoga). Parents then lifted weights with their child. Everyone finished up the activity with a fun game "Alphonso Ball" and had a BLAST! Sponsors Spivey Orthopedics and SMILE orthodontics provided sample items that parents could take home with them.