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October 1-- Dr. Charles Howell, Pediatric Surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia in Augusta was in town recently to speak to the local Kiwanis club about the hospital’s work. Though based in Augusta, they do work all over Georgia.

“The Children’s Hospital of Georgia is the pediatric hospital for the Medical College of Georgia. We take care of kids from all over the state of Georgia, all 159 counties that might have a complex or straight forward pediatric medical problem or a complex or straight forward pediatric surgical problem. We are available 24/7 with our 154 bed hospital. We have the highest level of intensive of the neo-natal ICU or pediatric ICU,” said Howell.

When it comes to caring for kids from all over Georgia, funding can sometimes be an issue. “We all know what an unfunded mandate is, when we’re asked to do something but aren’t given the resources to make it happen. Taking care of children is like an unfunded mandate. Most kids across Georgia are covered with Georgia Medicaid,” stated Howell.

“The remainders of children in Georgia are covered by a third party insurance or they don’t have any coverage at all. Our unfunded mandate is to take care of the kids of Georgia,” said Howell.

In addition to covering kids all over the state of Georgia. He added, “You know we’re fortunate that we’ve taken care of kids all over Georgia and we did over 200 procedures on kids from Toombs and Montgomery Counties just this past year. Someone’s doctor down here sent them to us and for that we appreciate it.”