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September 26-- The Lyons City Council met in a called meeting on Thursday, September 19th to vote on a property tax increase of 1 mil which it passed. The increase along with budget cuts were needed to offset a recent reduction in revenue coming into the city.

Lyons Mayor Willis Nesmith said, “Going over our budget for next week we realized we were going to be having a shortfall. Revenue’s are down. It’s not expenses, expenses are actually very much in line it’s our revenues that are way down.” He added, “We’ve had to do some cutting in places and for a last ditch effort we had to look at going up 1 mil on our millage rate.”

Mayor Nesmith added that the funds will go directly into the general fund to address the revenue shortfall. “It’s a problem that most small towns like us have is that you don’t really have enough revenue streams for your general fund. City Hall and the police department come out of the general fund. Those two in itself can drain a general fund and the only revenue coming into the general fund is property taxes,” added Nesmith.

“We’ve actually already made the cuts. We’re consolidating a little bit. We haven’t laid anyone off and haven’t fired anyone. Jobs of people who have left for whatever reason are just not being filled right now. With what we’ve done with the budget and cuts, it’s looking good for next year,” said Nesmith.