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June 25--  The President of Brewton Parker College is disappointed with a decision by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to place the school on accreditation probation. 

Last year the school received a warning about its accreditation status and last week SACS extended the school's accreditation for one year versus the normal ten years and placed it on probation.

"The college remains fully accredited.  This has done nothing to detract from our educational product.  It is a process the college is going through and, by the way, it's a voluntary process," says school President Dr. Mike Simoneaux.

According to SACS, Brewton Parker failed to comply with standards for financial stability, adequate fulltime faculty and faculty competence, control of finances and federal aid programs for students.

{mosimage}Dr. Simoneaux says SACS refuses to recognize the progress that's been made in the last year and feels the probation status is unfair.

"It's important for our folks to know that over the past year we have dealt with 24 different recommendations from SACS and that only nine remain.  We've made significant progress and that's one of the issues  I have with SACS is that they don't recognize the progress we've made. I pledge to our folks that we are going to continue working through this process to the best of our ability," he said.

The President notes, "Our student enrollment looks significantly higher for the Fall, we've raised a fair amount of money this year, we're hiring new faculty to enhance our academic product and we've made progress across the board this year and I'm really disappointed that SACS has refused to partner with us on this and recognize the progress we've made," he said.

Dr. Simoneaux says the recent appointment of Dr. Tim Searcy as the new Vice President of Academic Services is expected to get the probation status lifted by June of next year. Dr. Searcy has more than a decade of experience working with SACS.

"He's is coming to be with us on July 1st and we're extremely excited about that," he notes.